Ways to save money using the Cloud

  • Use Skype to make free video calls to your clients and suppliers
  • Dropbox online storage, file access and file sharing, auto syn with PC’s
  • Use Xero for your accounting, save 500 hours of data entry every year
  • Use a cloud application instead of upgrading your server

Success story

TimeZoneOne a Christchurch based creative exporter, recently moved their Job, Time, and Invoice Management to WorkFlow Max. Using the import tools they were able to bring there data from the old system with no data entry.

The moved saved $8,000 a year in direct cost and 500 hours of data entry time a year that cost more than $10,000 a year.

On top of the savings Workflow Max now let them measure the profit on every job, client and better manage the business workflow.

Interesting Product

I went to a M-files presentation last month, M-Files is an easy to use solution that helps small to medium-size businesses organize and manage their business documents, information and processes.

Interesting Company

LaMason, new coffee shop at the bottom of Lombard car park is using the cloud based Vend point of sale system on an ipad. The setup looks very stylish and is a low cost effective solution.

I saw my favourite quote recently on the bottom of Mandy Burt’s email, I thought you might enjoy it.

” There are those that make things happen . those that watch things happen . and those that wonder what the hell happened”

Andy Carruthers

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